October Edits & Spooky Photography

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Thought some spooky edits & abandoned places would be a fun share this morning.
We came upon the (wicker?) horse in the woods while exploring the roads and paths less traveled. Who ever wove it did a great job amazing detail. Definitely a little creepy so it makes my list of spooky Halloween stuff! 🎃



abandoned home (before my 'spooky edit' was applied)

abandoned home after 'spooky edit' was appliedCheck me out on FB and Instagram for more

Wicker Horse 'before'shot off the beaten path.. The only photo I took of this horse and was disappointed at first because of the over exposure and low quality... I'm glad I kept it though - it made the perfect 'rainy day edit'



Forced Perspective / Optical Illusion Photography Tips

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iPhone Cell camera DSLR & SLR Camera Tricks -- Forced Perspective / Optical Illusion Photography

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Cobb






Photo courtesy of Jonathan Cobb

We have all seen those photographs of travelers holding up the leaning tower or people holding our sun between their thumb and forefinger. There is a name for this -- they are using the Forced Perspective Technique. My interpretation of the science behind it is simply this -- human depth perception is possible because we have two eyes which naturally work together to communnicate depth to our brains. Unlike our eyes, the camera has only one lens which allows us to control the depth of field and makes illusions like this possible.

I've been photographing things since early 2012, took some online lessons and joined a few film photography classes at a local community college -- Today I share some tips that have helped my partner and I create some pretty fun optical illusion photographs:

- Take your time and think about the outcome you're trying to achieve. If you're using a camera phone or point and shoot then just line things up, snap & share

- A DSLR will allow you more control. If using one of these I would strongly suggest using a tripod and change your settings to either Aperture priority or manual mode to be sure your camera does not auto adjust your settings.

- Choose a tiny aperture, when possible I like to use f 22.

- To make smaller objects look larger than life: move them closest to your camera and set the larger ones farther back. For example in the photo above the large car is in the background and the small child is very close.The photo above is a great example of forced perspective. Forced perspective is nothing more than an optical illusion which fools our minds into preceiving objects differently than they actually are. Forced perspective leads the viewer to assume something is bigger, smaller, closer or farther than it really is. This technique is very common in photography and just another reason I love photography so much


Thanks for Visiting!! I'd love to hear from you -- leave your photography tips or suggestions in the comments box below or drop a link to your website or page 💕


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Photography & Where to Share Your Work

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Photography & Where to Share Your Work

NYC Exhibition with See.Me

Five of the best places to share your photography, enter contests and increase your portfolio's visibility.

  • Flickr - One of my top favorites and go-to dump zone for ALL my photos. I've been "found" and published numerous times thanks to my Flickr portfolio.
  • ViewBug - Viewbug is a great photography contest and social site - Create your own profile / portfolio then, enter contests until your heart's content!
  • Instagram - Photo Social! It's the facebook of photos and I'd give it 5 Stars... There is no upload limit and you can upload using your phone camera or share your pro shots there too.
  • GrafiMX  - Photo Social Site: Share your best, vote & rate Photos! Cons: There is an Upload Limit
  • See.Me - Free portfolio, Short URL, Nice layout -- Be seen in big cities, Pay to enter contests and exhibitions. Mine were shown in NYC one year! It's fun whether you go free or paid.


Start from "home" I still think the best place to share everything is right from your own personal website -- Don't have one? Start building your website @ Zenfolio and enjoy a FREE 14 Day trial + 10% OFF using code PVV-JKE-7UV 

...Read my full Zenfolio review at: http://www.lauracobb.com/blog/2015/5/zenfolio-website-review



As always, I want to hear from you -- Did I forget a site? Add yours below!!



Zenfolio Website Review

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★★ Zenfolio Website Review ★★

Soooo close to perfect, I'd give it 4.8 Stars out of 5 



This morning I was updating my website and remembered about Zenfolio's excellent referral program and how I wanted to write a quick review about their service.  This review is going to be based on the Premium level subscription which is what I use.

Am I happy with Zenfolio? Yes, very.

Premium subscription unlocks all features including: Unlimited photo storage, Custom Watermarks, Client access page, Blog, Custom pages, Custom Branding, Other discounts Plus the integrated shopping cart, ability to sell digital images AND products from zenfolio's partner labs.

  • Pros: Customizable, professional layouts; nice looking galleries; great social media features; custom watermarks; right-click protection for your photos; custom domain name; easy photo sharing and selling (digital and prints)
  • Cons: The only Downside I can think of is that I can't use Google AdSense with my blog. In my humble opinion we should be allowed to use Google AdSense on our personal pages and blogs once the zenfolio branding has been removed. I hope they change that someay soon -- Current Zen users can vote my idea suggestion >>Here<<


Sign up for your free trial + receive 10 % off!
Take advantage of their free, fully functional 14 Day trial and let me know what you think!! Prices are reasonable and start at $30. PER YEAR for basic 
Use code: PVV-JKE-7UV to save an additional 10% now!



10 % off by using code: PVV-JKE-7UV If you decide to buy I get credit too, here is how their referral program works: You use this code to open a new account and save 10% on any level subscription... after you sign up I get credit too! It's that easy then, once you are a Zenfolio you will also receive a unique referral code to share with family, friends, and elsewhere on social media (earning you $ on each new referred subscription) What a GREAT insentive!! Sign up and share away!! Drop me a link to your page or share your thoughts, tips, suggestions in the comments bar below, I'd love to hear from you



REVIEW - Topaz Glow

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Illuminate, highlight & soften with the whimsical feel of a fairytale

Spring flowersEdited with Topaz Glow

I am enjoying day three of my 30 day FULLY FUNCTIONAL trial of Topaz Glow and am delighted, to say the least. This program is user friendly, has a simple design and produces extraordinary results! The presets are great - Select your preset and customize to your heart's content. I chose the Soft Bloom preset for the image at the top of this page... the others seemed to look burnt out and over done with this image. There are some instances where you may want the blown out highlights and electrofying light -- I've seen some photographers go wild with this program and create some rather fine works of art! Overall, this program is amazing, the whole process is fun and only takes a couple minutes per image. Topaz definitely has me sold on this one!

Why not take advantage of their fully functional 30 Day trial and let me know what you think!! Glow is normally $69.99 -- You can get it for 49.99 by following the referral link below. being referred you get a $20. credit in your topaz account and if you decide to buy, I get credit too -- What a great insentive!

There are about 16 other programs associated with the Topaz Photography Collection & I can't wait to try them all stay tuned for more reviews.

Drop me a link to your page or share your thoughts, tips, suggestions in the comments bar below, I'd love to hear from you



Spring BloomsEdited using Topaz Glow

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